( Centrally Sponsored Scheme )
P.S.T.E. Elementary level workshop on listening and reading skill in English. Teachers June/ July 2019 5days 60
P.S.T.E. Elementary level capacity building on activity baised learning in Hindi Teachers June/ July 2019 5days 60
E. T. Capacity Development of Elementary level teachers Teachers August 5 days 150
I.F.I.C. Causes for dropping out of students from upper primary section 10 schools from zone on random basis August 5 days 50 schools
CMDE Designing of Questionnaires for the conduct of DLAS 3rd to 8th Math ,English. Social science and Language DIET faculty August 10 days DIET faculty
P.S.T.E. Preparation of Modules for class 6th to 8th, three modules for each class of all subjects. Lect. DIET Faculty August 10 days Lect. DIET Faculty
Inservice Teachers Training subject specific for teacher teahing secondary classes 400 teachers October 05 Days 400 teachers
Induction training for incharge teachers (promoted as teachers from lab Asstt.) 60 October 10 Days 60
Training of Principals/Head Masters of HS/HSS 80 September 5 Days 80
Subject specific teachers training for teacher teaching elementary/ Secondary classes in winter Zone Teachers December 5 Days 250
Training of SMDC members Committee members September 2 Days 200
IFIC Lab Asstt. training for the maintance of science labs. Lab Asstt. October 2 Days 60
P.S.T.E. Workshop on Disaster Management Teachers Aug 2019 2 Days 50
CMDE District level Painting Competition - 18 August 2016 1 Days 40
Orientation Programme on Guidance and councelling for Principals/ HM Principals/ Hm Sept./Oct. 2019 1 Day 156
Training on counselling skills for lect./ master/Teacher from HSS/HS( Members from Guidence and councelling Cell) Leect./Masters/Teachers Sept./Oct. 2019 2 Days 156
P.S.T.E. Promotion and support cocurricular actitvities in areas related to substantive works of the branches for eg. Debates, literation ,science fairs, sports, yoga. Teachers Teachers Dec. 2019 5 Days 30 teachers from each zone.
P.S.T.E. Psychological Counselling of students for smooth preparation of Exam. 6th to 12th classes Jan 2020 2 Days 4 schools of each Zone
IFIC Science seminars 9th and 10th students November 1 Day each zone 40 students
IFIC Subject specific preperation for students 8th to 12th Feb 2020 2 Days 40 Students
P&M Documentation of modules for circulation among different school for proper utilization ( 4 modules for each subject) Teachers and students and elementary level October 1 Month DIET Faculty
I.F.I.C. DIET Faculity Tour out of state DIET Faculty NOVEMBER 2019 10 Days Two teams of ten member in each team
PSTE Action researh especially in ways to improve learining by children of disadvantaged groups 02 schools in each zone Sept./Oct. 2019 6 Days 2 schools in each zone
CMDE Essay writing competition for secoundary level 9th and 10th students October 2019 1 Day 50
CMDE Map filling competition for 9th & 10th class students. 9th and 10th students Nov/Dec. 2019 1 Day 150 Students
W.E District level painting competition for elementary level. Students Sep 2019 1 Day 40
W.E One day visit of elementary level student in Garden/ Historical places within District. Elementary level students Nov 2019 1 Day 100 upto primary level
E.T. Science Seminars for upper primary classes Students of upper primary classes December 1 Day 15 institution from each, zone 225 students
E.T. Work shop for CAL centre teachers/ Field Teachers. Master/ Teachers Dec 2019 5 Days 200
Awareness drive about P.M's special scholarship scheme for students . Students of classes 11th and 12th November. 1 Day 0
P & M Drawing and Paininting compitition . Students of class 3rd and 8th class Aug 2019 1 Day 30 Students from each zone
P & M Causes for poor performance and remedial measures. 5th-8th students Jan 2020 2 Days 4 schools of each zone
CMDE Preparation of questionnaires elementary level and conduct of quiz competition in different subjects, zonal as well as district level in science math hindi, social science 6th 7th 8th Class 6th, 7th & 8th students. Aug 2019 10 Days 100
CMDE Preparation of questionnaires elementary level and conduct of quiz competition in different subjects, zonal as well as district level in science math hindi, social science 9th and 10th Class 9th and 10th Oct 2019 2 Days 40
ET Capacity building training programme on use of ICT for Masters/Teachers in teaching learning process. Master Teacher Nov 2019 5 Days 200 Teachers
W.E workshop on road saftey Teachers Sep 2019 2 Days 50
DRU Action research gender issues and students absentism in schools Students and teachers Nov 2019 15 Days 120 Schools
DRU Action research programme for poor acadamic Achievements 6th to 8th class. 6th to 8th class Oct.and Nov. 2019 2 Days 8 schools of each Zone
DRU Remedial teaching to poor students 9th & 10th classes Jan 2020 2 Days 2 HS/HSS
P & M On site academic support as well as institution planning/proper implementation of CCE and remedial measures/teaching support to teachers/students Masters/ Teachers Aug 2019 1 Day 200 (12 schools in each zone) Each programme will consist of 3 DIET faculty
P & M Psychological Counselling and Examination destressing of students. 8th to 12th Feb 2020 2 Days HS/HSS
D.R.U. Lack of basic facilities in schools upto primary level 10 school in each zone on rendom basis Jan 2020 10 Days 120 Schools
Science Exhibition on SAMAGRA Shikshka at District Level HSS/HS Nov 2019 1 Day 100 Models
Inspire Award Exhibition at District Level HSS/HS/MS Jan 2020 1 Day
Nai Talim/ Experimental learning. Productive work, health and hygiene nutrition, senitation, life skills, community engagement and character building. Students all classes Oct. Nov. 2019 10 Days students
W.E. Preparation of low cost teaching aids. Teachers students at elementary level December 3 Days 300